Canadian Victims Bill of Rights


Right to Information

   You have the right to request information about:

       The criminal justice system and your role as the victim;
       The services and programs available to you;
       The status and outcome of the investigation and legal procedures;
       The date, time and location of the proceedings in relation to the offence;
       Reviews relating to the offender’s conditional release and the timing and conditions of that release.

Right to Protection

   You have the right:

       To have your security and privacy considered by the appropriate authorities in the criminal justice system;
       To have measures taken to protect you from intimidation and retaliation;
       To request that your identity be withheld from the public;
       To request testimonials aids when appearing as a witness in court.

Right to Participation

   You have the right:

       To present a victim impact statement and have it taken into consideration;
       To share your views on decision that affect your rights.

Right to Restitution

   You have the right:

       To have the court consider making a restitution order against the offender to pay for your financial losses;
       To file the restitution order as a civil court judgement if the offender fails to pay.